1904 Philippines Louisiana Purchase Expo Silver Plated Bronze Medal Ngc Xf


This is a rare and most sought after medal catalogued as H-70b. Size of medal is 66 x 66 mm square. Louis Missouri in 1904. The silver plating on the medal appears to be fading although there are still traces of the silver plating. I DO NOT ACCEPT RETURN PRIVILEGE FOR THIS THIRD PARTY CERTIFIED/GRADED […]

1924 US Philippines 1 Peso Mabini TREASURY CERTIFICATE Wood Lagdameo Banknote


1 Peso TREASURY CERTIFICATE. Signed by Leonard Wood and Lagdameo. George Washingtons profile on banknote. Some light folds that had been flatten through the years. Sill a decent note. The grade I gave is just my opinion and may differ from others. Grading is subjective and not an exact science. Please take a look at […]

Rare Enola Gay Ww2 Little Boy Atomic Bomb Model Signed By Tibbets & Van Kirk


Rare Limited Edition Vintage WWII 1/12 scale “Little Boy” Atomic Bomb replica desktop display solid wood base 16 1/2 with plexiglass cover. The bomb is steel blue in color and built to exacting detail. This scale model is hand signed by Col. Paul Tibbets, pilot and Maj. Theodore “Dutch” Van Kirk, navigator of the Enola […]

Us Philippines 1906-s One Peso Anacs Au Details (net Ef 40) Key Date Scarce


US PHILIPPINES 1906-S ONE PESO ANACS AU DETAILS (NET EF 40) KEY DATE, SCARCE. The KEY to your collection. It won’t be complete without this coin. We request our valued buyers to LEAVE US A 5-STAR POSITIVE after receipt of the merchandise. We are more than happy to work things out with you. The item […]

1918 US Phil 2 Pesos Philippine National Bank Ferguson Parker Willis Banknote


2 Pesos Philippine National Bank Ferguson – Parker Willis. Signed by Ferguson-Parker Willis. Rizal’s profile on banknote. Circulated with moderate wear, still. The grade I gave is just my opinion and may differ from others. Grading is subjective and not an exact science. Please take a look at the photo and grade it accordingly. Several […]

US Philippines 500 Pesos VICTORY Osmena-Guevara Legaspi Banknote Scarce #101b


US Philippines 500 Pesos VICTORY Banknote. Treasury Certificate Victory Series. Signed by S Osmena and M Guevara. Has a tear on the top middle portion that was partially repaired. Small hole that had been patched up at the back. Tape has been removed but there are dried tape stains on reverse. Still in stable condition. […]