1912 BANK OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS 50 Pesos very rare


1912 BANK OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS 50 Pesos very rare. It was big denominations at thst timeThis note printed in USA when Philippines was under US administration. Total issuance 10,000 quantity. Running serial number from B4501 to B14500. The drawback of this note have annotations and rust as comments says. This note is send from […]

Practice Sword Aluminum Ginunting Metal Pair Philippines Knife Training DVD


Aluminum Training Ginunting Swords with a M. Double Sword Flow Strike Pattern Instruction DVD This set is made for Double Sword Training You will be purchasing a Brand New Pair of Hand Crafted Kalaj Kutters The aluminum Kalaj Kutter Ginunting Swords are great tools for the beginner, intermediate, or advanced practitioner of Philippine defense (/offense) […]